About Us

Lighthouse has been servicing associations for over a decade. Focusing on the outdoor recreation industry, the Lighthouse Association Management team has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality member-centric services, programs and events.

Based in Warren, Rhode Island, Lighthouse provides a fully equipped office space and the latest technology to provide leading edge and cost-effective services to its clients. This includes a full time staff with skills and experience in marketing, event management, fiscal management and accounting who are supported by specialists in editing, web management, design and layout. The Lighthouse team also includes portfolio coordinators who serve as the client’s executive director and the face and voice of the association.

Lighthouse CEO and Founder, Mark Amaral, has built the company from the ground up by focusing on hiring the best people and supporting them with the necessary tools, training and technology. Together, Mark and this team have built innovative yet simple systems to deliver on customers’ expectations.

To schedule a meeting, please contact CEO Mark Amaral at [email protected] or directly at 401-682-7026