Board & Committee Support

This is your organization. You control its future. The job of Lighthouse is to help you focus on developing the strategy, while we focus on the day-to-day execution. We believe in strong and active executive teams and boards of directors that work collectively to make the big decisions. We believe in regular executive committee meetings that focus on action items – items that need discussion and decisions.

We place a premium on the association director’s time. So, we carefully plan and execute board meetings that encourage conversation – not reporting – that delivers the maximum impact. As your partner, Lighthouse also attends these meetings and board events – both professional and social – to ensure delivery goes as smoothly as the planning and to gather ideas and suggestions for future events.

We know how to support committees and task forces to make real progress on specific issues and activities. We use our strategic planning background to help committees focus their efforts and move effectively towards actionable outcomes. Our goal is to make the best use of the committee members’ expertise to solve hard problems and make real progress for the membership. Your success is our success!

Board Committee Support