Headquarters & General Administration

Our offices in Warren, RI incorporate all of the systems you need to run your association. Anything and everything from having at our fingertips association-relevant phone numbers from all area codes in the US to having a fully equipped, ready-made support office and staff. We welcome you to visit us!

When you hire Lighthouse Association Management, all of your human resource (HR) issues are consolidated into one contract. We handle everything from payroll and pay raises to taxes and tax reporting. You continue to control the work through our proven annual work planning process. While you get to focus on defining the work that is to be done, we focus on how the work gets done. Lighthouse will conduct your annual HR reviews and carry out staff changes when necessary. Best of all, Lighthouse has the staff to fill in your HR gaps and ramp up as necessary. What would you do if you lost a key member of your staff? How quickly could they be replaced? Who would do the work in the interim? With Lighthouse Association Management, those are our worries.

Our staff and specialists are experts in marketing and communications, event coordination, membership coordination/phone voice of the association, executive leadership, fiscal management, budgeting and accounting, web development and maintenance, IT services, design, layout, editing and production.

Headquarters General Administration