Meeting & Trade Show Planning

One of the most important services we deliver to our members is the opportunity to network. This can take the form of online forums, discussion groups and video conferences or the more traditional face-to-face meetings or large-scale events. We match the audience and goal to the right medium in order to maximize the effectiveness of the communication.

Good event managers are a special breed. They are organized, ahead-of-the-game, multi-tasking, and detail-oriented planners. Their goal is to make you look good. At Lighthouse, we specialize in both domestic and international trade shows, conferences, expositions, and consumer shows ranging in size from 15 – 10,000+ participants. We will professionally plan your event step-by-step from beginning to end. All you have to do is show up and accept praise for a wonderful experience! In addition to managing your events, we are expert at increasing attendance and revenues, enhancing event marketing and graphics, and improving databases, systems, and contracts. The Lighthouse team guarantees to deliver you and your attendees a professional, top-notch event.

Meeting Trade Show Planning