Membership Recruitment & Retention

Maintaining and growing membership is often high on our clients’ list of needs. A growing membership signifies a healthy and robust trade group. A larger membership creates a louder and stronger voice for advocacy and networking. We take a proven three-pronged approach.

First, we aim to keep retention rates above the industry standards of 80% – our average is usually much higher.

Second, we work to find new members, one at a time. Each year we develop a new membership development plan that focuses on expanding the possible audience, finding new ways of reaching potential members and using the right tools to reach them, including direct calling.

Lastly, we look for creative ways to grow the membership quickly, by bringing in many members at once. This usually means partnering with like-minded organizations to “share” membership. We call this a “volume” approach and have found it a critical tool in growing memberships.

Membership Recruitment Retention