Why Should You Hire an Association Management Company?

“An association management company (AMC) is a professional service company that specializes in providing management services for associations on a fee-for-service basis. AMCs provide the professional staff, administrative support, office space, technology, and equipment an association needs to operate efficiently. An association management company typically manages several associations from one company location, providing a wide range of benefits including shared technology systems, access to expert specialized staff, and shared purchasing power.

The association management company industry is more than 110 years old. Today, there are over 600 AMCs worldwide that collectively manage associations ranging in budget size from $50,000 to $16 million and representing more than 3 million members. Regardless of the size, industry, and membership type of your association, there is likely an AMC that has experience with an organization like yours.” – ASAE Center

Association management companies employ a shared time management system that instantly increases your capacity for success by allowing you to reduce your overhead costs by sharing them with other association clients – which will increase your resources and capabilities without major capital investment.

Not only do you get to reduce your overhead expenses, but based on the concept of shared resources, specialists are drawn from the pool of the association management’s personnel and assigned on an as-needed basis. Association management companies have experienced professionals who are able to execute assigned tasks cost effectively for clients and allow client services to be customized to meet specific goals. All of this allows you to leverage your limited resources to provide your membership with the greatest range of high quality services.

Why should you hire Lighthouse Association Management?

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